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Semaine du 01.02.2016

Emission du vendredi 05.02.2016

Ghostpoet Sorry my love it’s you not me Shreddin skin
Beauch House Space song Depression Cherry
Sierra Manhattan Earings S/T
Parquet Courts Dust Human Performance
Daughter Numebers Not to disappear
Suuns Translate
Keita Juma Grill$ Night in space a short film
Wun two City Sleeps Penthouse
The Inspector Clouzot The Run Rockfarmers
Essais Pas Le port du masque est de rigueur
Stephan Bodzin Birth
Maston Potemkine
Zero Cracking San Francisco
Running We nerver close wake up applauding
Marietta Never smile Basement Dreams are the bedromm cream
Night Beats Sunday Mourning Who sold my generation
Good morning Overslept Glory
Bonnie "Prince" Billy The houseboat Pond Scum

Emission du jeudi 04.02.2016

Celebratorrrrrrr Grow Weekends
Dilly Dally Desire Sore
Zero San Francisco San Francisco
Lonely Walk Coverage Teen
Kosmischer Laufer Jenseits des Horizonts The secret cosmic music of the east German Olympic Program 1972-83 Vol III
Daria A Tired Hand Impossible Colors
Escobar Voodoo Baby Escobar
Hante Hate VS Love This fog that never ends
Pfarmers El Dorado Gunnera
Skinshape Old Days Oracolo

Emission du mercredi 03.02.2016

H-Burns Night moves Night Moves
Jennylee Boom Boom Right On !
Conway the Machine Wraith Ful Reject 2
Chester Watson Execution Past Cloaks
Requin Chagrin Le Chagrin Requin Chagrin
Charlie Hilton Something for all us Palana
Violente Femmes Blister in the sun
Aidan Knight St. Christina Each Other
Sun Kil Moon & Jesu America’s most wanted Mark Kozelek and John Dillinger Sun Kil Moon / Jesu
Daria A Quiet Anarchy Impossible Colors
Ty Segall The Magazine Emotional Mugger
Youth Lagoon The knower Savage Hills Ballroom
Purling Hiss Fumble Tumble Something
Widowspeak Girls All Yours
Quilt Eliot St. Plaza

Emission du mardi 02.02.2016

Bilal Lunatic
Richie Woods Pineapple Slush Wow Cool
PJ Harvey The Wheel
Alex G Station Beach Music
John Carpenter Vortex Lost Themes
Prinzhorn Dance School Reign
Frankie Cosmos Sinister
The Garden Vexation Ha Ha
Sufjan Stevens Death with Dignity Carrie & Lowell
Yeti Lane Acide Amer La Souterraine vol. 9
Flavien Berger Vendredi Leviathan
Marietta La grande ville malade La Souterraine vol. 9
Odezenne On nait On vit On meurt Dolzinger Str. 2
Daria Margins Impossible Colors

Emission du lundi 01.02.2016

Micah P Hinson Beneath the rose Micah P Hinson and the Gospel of Progress
Strolls Josephine
Crocodiles CryBaby Demaon
Total Control Glass
Teledetente 666 Soleil Nord Est Karen
Daria Margins Impossible Colors
Birds in row O’Dear Personal War
Ghostface Killah
Ventre de Biche Chose Sauvage Viens Mourir
JC Satan I could have died S/T

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