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Semaine du 02.05.2016

Petite semaine , on fait le pont le 6 mai !Ouf ! Me direz -vous tellement je galère à parler cette semaine ! On retrouve dans l’émission un focus sur les festivals pas loin d’ici ce WE à savoir le "Metal Cultures" et le "Cosmic Trip"...

Émission du mercredi 4 mai 2016

Lubomyr Melnyk Parasol Erased Tapes Collection VII
Tim Hecker Violet Monumental I Love Streams
Sir Jean & NMB Afrobeat * Take The Time Permanent War
Purity RIng Anenamy Shrines
Aidan Knight You Are Not Here Each Other
Thundercat Lone Wolf And Cub The Beyond
Deluge Appâts Aether
Myciaa Dare To Jump Is Every Devil Mine ?
The Rainbones * I’m Loaded Secret Slaves
Francesca Lago Horses Mirrors Against The Sun
The End Of The Ocean We Always There Is Going To Be More TIme Pacific Atlantic

Émission du mardi 3 mai 2016

Korben Dallas Valerie Korben Dallas
Myciaa Wolves Electric Animals
Nils Frahm Ode Erased Tapes Collection VII
Tom Adams Seven Birds voyages by starlight
Robert Le Magnifique Do It Together Fuck The Hell Yeah
Juniore Mon Autre Juniore
Francesca Lago Here Do We Go Mirrors Against The Sun
Don Nino Like A Cat The Keyboards Songs
Aidan Knight Funeral Singers Each Other
The Rainbones * Settle Down Secret Slaves
The Defectors All I Want Cosmic Trip Compil
Daughter New Ways Not to disappear
The End Of The Ocean A Dividing Line Pacific Atlantic
Logan Takahashi Coral D No Geo
Dreams Night Cap Off The Grid
Fort Romeau Jetée Stay True

Émission du lundi 2 mai 2016

Polynation Dew Allogamy
Fort Romeau Secrets & Lies Live At Robert Johnson
Aidan Knight All Clear Each Other
Kevin Morby I’ve been to the mountains Singing Saw
The Rainbones * Secret Slaves Secret Slaves
Hermetic Delight Vow Vow
Robert Le Magnifique Deux Dix Treize Fuck The Hell Yeah
Kllo Bolide Soundcloud
Purity Ring Cartographist Shrines
Sir Jean & NMB Afrobeat * Babbling Permanent War
Deluge Houle Aether
Tycho The Disconnect Past Is Prologue

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