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Semaine du 04.04.2015

Emission du vendredi 08.04.2016

The Drones To Think that one I loved you Feelin kinda free
Fenster In the wall The pink cave
Julien Gasc & Dorian Pimpernel La fin de la guerre Moonshine Compilation
Goat I Sing In Silence I Sing In Silence
Odezenne Rien Rien
Balladur Longing Plage noire plage blanche
Tropical Horses Wild night Mirador
Jessica 93 Uranus 
Doug Tuttle Falling to believe It calls on me
Johnny Mafia Sometimes 666 Michel Michel Michel

Emission du jeudi 07.04.2016

heimat wieder ya heimat
kevin morby destroyer singing saw
la luz sleep til they die werda shrine
shiko shiko l attaque des hommes oiseaux maké maké
republik born this morning elements
balladur moe plage noire, plage blanche
tom adams seven birds voyages by starlight
rival consoles recovery Erased Tapes Collection VII
odezenne Je veux te baiser Rien
odezenne bouches à lèvres dolzinger Str. 2
nicoles willis where are you now happiness in every style
adrian lounge winter is here something about april II

Emission du mercredi 06.04.2016

Nils Frahm Ode Erased Tapes Collection VII
Don Nino Like a cat The piano songs
Daughter Fossa Not to disappear
Mmoths Eva Luneworks
Republik Move Elements
Wall of death Loveland Loveland
Fragments Off the map imaginary seas
Lnzdrf beneath the black sea Lnzdrf
Odezenne Un corps à prendre Dolzinger Str. 2
Azad Lab Taïga Lucioles
Thundercat Lone wolf and cub The beyond
Charles Bradley Good to be back home Changes
Charles Bradley Nobody but you Changes
Nonkeen This beautiful mess The gamble
Johnny Mafia Sleeping Michel Michel Michel
Cold Solstice Jenifer’s body Phosphene
Holy Esque Tear At Hope’s ravine
Soft Kill from this point an open door
Kosmischer Läufer in der stadt und auf dem land volume three

Emission du mardi 05.04.2016

Charles Bradley Changes Changes
Kevin Morby Singing Saw Singing Saw
Marietta Somebody Else Is Living Your Own Life Basement Dreams are the bedroom cream
Avenue Z Pile ou face Azimut
Azad Lab Milky Way Lucioles
Open Mike Eagle & Paul White I Went Outside Today (feat. Aesop Rock) Hella Personal Film Festival
John Carpenter Distant Dream Lost themes II
Parquets Courts Berlin got blurry Human Performance
Kaviar Special Starving  #2
Odezenne Je veux te baiser Rien
Father You Make it hurt like this I’m piece of shit
Suuns  Brainwash  Hold Still
A place to bury Strangers Deeper Transfixiation
Johnny Mafia Smell Michel Michel Michel
Liima Amerika ii
Silicon Cellphone

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