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Semaine du 15.02.2016

Emission du vendredi 19.02.2016

Saroos Seance Tardis
Heimat Afrikistan Heimat
Ulrika Spacek Beta Male The Album Paranoia
Suuns Nobody Can Save Me Now Hold / Still
Essaie Pas Dépassée par le fantasme Demain est une autre nuit
Holy Fuck Tom Tom Congrats
DIIV Valentine Is the is are ?
Cavern of Anti-Matter Melody in High Feedback Tones Void Beats / Invocation Trex
Forever Calypso Shrimp & Oyster Bungalows 45T
Moss Lime I Always Get What I Want Zoo Du Quebec
Protomartyr Dope Cloud
Ariel Pink Number in My Phone Pom Pom
Hinds Garden Leave Me Alone
Aidan Knight Funeral Singers Each Others
Jesus and Sun Kil Moon America’s Most Wanted Mark Kozelek and John Dillinger Jesu / Sun Kil Moon
Home Rage Bad Scene  birth, school, work, death & other delights
Montagne Rouge Red Wine  Montagne Rouge

Emission du jeudi 18.02.2016

Galatée L’étoile Matinale Breton
Jeanne Added It Be Sensationnal
John Carpenter Distant Dream Lost Themes II
Skinshape Oracolo Oracolo
Essaie Pas Demain Est Une Autre Nuit Demain Est Une Autre Nuit
Kaeb When we Fall Beak > Kaeb
Corridor Mi Homme Mi Fusée
Kurt Vile Pretty Pimpin B’lieve I’m Going Down
Levianthan La Fete Noire Levianthan
Majical Cloudz Downtown Are You Alone ?
Blood Orange Chamakay Cupid Deluxe
Chester Watson Execution Past Cloaks
Busdriver Shadows and Victories Thumbs
N.W.A. Express Yourself
NIGHT BEATS Power Child Who Sold My Generation

Emission du mercredi 17.02.2016

Arcan Lost Unfinished songs like our Story
Woods Sun City Creeps
Fatima Al Qadiri Battery  Brute
Emel Mathlouthi Ensen Dhaif
Jaromil Sabor Aedion III
Tame Impala The Moment Currents
Michael Stasis All The Ways Rip III
Bazooka Lie Useless Generation
Anna The Nest Condition Wae
Lonely Wall Burial Tomb Teen
Botibol Jerk
Susan Lynne Don’t Drag No More
Bison Bisou Friends Régine

Emission du mardi 16.02.2016

Fenster Phantasia Emocean
Ezra Furman Lousy Connection Perpetual Motion People
Bajram Bili Distant Drone Distant Drone
Les Marquises The Visitor Pensée Magique
Petit Fantôme Aujourd’hui c’est les vacances Yallah
Halasan Bazar Scroll Down How To Be Ever Happy
Filiamotsa Blab Blub Like It Is
Tropical Horses Dead Gaze Exorcism Mirador
Adrian Younge Memories of War Something About April II
J Dilla 22 Dillatronics
Bombay Slow Motion Show Your Teeth
Von Pariahs Take Control Genuine Feelings
Combomatix Another Shakin Chinese Songs For Bad People
Kill Your Boyfriend Jesse The King Is Dead
Cold Solstice Live in Secrets Phosphenes
Celebratorrrrrr Grow Week ends

Emission du lundi 15.02.2016

DR GEO 10 The Lo-Fi Studies
Good Morning To be won Glory EP
Beach House Beyond Love Depression Cherry
Not Waving 24 Animals
Floating Points Silhouettes (I, II, III) Eleania
Balladur Rythm Plage noire, plage blanche
Angel Angels turned around Angel
The KVB Obsession
BAZOOKA Achristi Genia Useless Generation
Night Beats Sunday Mourning Who sold my generation
Ty Segall Squealer Emotional Mugger
Battles The Yabba La Di Da Di
Melvins The Decay of Lying War pussy

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