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Semaine du 21.03.2016

Emission du vendredi 25.03.2014

Nap Eyes Mixer Thought rock fish scale
Strolls Something different
Wall of death For a lover Loveland
Unloved After dinner Guilty of love
Madato Last Virgin Crafted
B Boys Seagulls No Worry no mind
Odezenne Vilaine Dolzinger Str. 2
Elzhi Cosign Lead Poison
Tropical Horses Rivers of sadism Mirador
Bitchin Bajan & Bonnie "Pince" Billie Nature makes us for ourselves Epic jammers and fortunate little ditties
Kuna Maze Keep Diggin’it Postpone
Bajram Bili Bright Tipi Saturdays with no memories
Air waves
Mind Spiders Cold Prosthesis
The KVB again and again Minus one
Cross Records High rise Wabi Sabi
Red eye ball Slashing Ballet
Kevin Morby Dorothy  Singing Saw

Emission du mercredi 23.03.2014

Mogwai Bitterness Centrifuge Atomic
Oiseaux-Tempête  Quai de l’Exil Unworks & Rarities
Built to spill Never be the same Untethered moon
She-Devils Where’s there’s no one
Tropical Horses Here Comes Your Ghost Mirador
Traams Silver Linning Modern Dancing
PJ Harvey The Community of Hope The Hope Six Demolition Project
The KVB White walls Of Desire
Parquets Courts Dust
The Soft Moon Far Deeper
Suuns Paralyser Hold Still
Cavern of Anti Matter Planetary Folklore Void Beats …
Chicken Diamond  Slow Wave Sleep The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Holy Wave She Put A Seed In My Ear Freaks of Nurture
Cab Driver Stories Collective murders Free myself
Tropical Horses Dead Gaze Zxorcism Mirador

Emission du mardi 22.03.2014

Daughter How Not to disappear
Don Nino I’ll never let you go too far The keyboard songs
JC Satan Dragon
Liminanas Dahlia rouge Malamore
Samba de la muerte Colors Colors
Disco Anti Napoleon Blue Lawn Ascent
Tropical Horses Mirador
Blackmail Dur au mal Dur au mal
Motorama Dispersed energy Poverty
Rone  Dolls Vood(oo)
Big ups Posture Before a million universes
Peter Kernel I kinda like it Thrill addict
Chicken Diamond Slow Wave Sleep The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Doug Tuttle Saturday Sunday It calls on me

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