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La masturbation, ça rend sourd ou aveugle ?

La masturbation, ça rend sourd ou aveugle ?

GROUPE titre album
Somewhere Beyond Echoes Deaf Cry A Whisper In The Garden
Queens Of The Stone Age A Song For The Dead Songs For The Deaf [Europe]
Public Enemy Makes You Blind New Whirl Odor
Pitbulls In The Nursery Monkey’s Masturbation Lunatic
L7 Me, Myself & I The Beauty Process : Triple Platinum
Bikini Machine Le Jerk du Gastronome Daily Music Cookin’ With
Super Preachers Jerky Don’t You Stereophonic Sometimes
The Bloodhound Gang Legend In My Spare Time Use Your Fingers
psychopunch Fingerlinkin’good Punk N Roll A Licious (vol.2)
Free Kitten Played Yrself Sentimental Education
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers All By Myself Vive La Révolution (Live In Paris - Le Bataclan - December 8th 1977)
Candye Kane Masturbation Blues White Trash Girl
Demolition Doll Rods Let Yourself Go There Is A Difference
Vibrafingers (the) dancin’ with (a she-male) They vibrate
Hot flowers snow for the blind Naked in the garden

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