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Transhumain, c’est pour demain ?

Les transhumain c’est pour demain ?

GROUPE titre album
Trans Am Anthropocene Volume X
Oddateee Gadgets Nd Gimmicks 1973 (Community Development)
A Place To Bury Strangers We’ve Come So Far Transfixiation
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Cobra Casanova Snake
Fingathing Criminal Robots Superhero Music
Robert and the roboters robert caniche royal
Cobra Killer Chemie Des Alltags 76/77
Calexico Attack El Robot ! Attack Feast Of Wire
The Flaming Lips Superhumans Transmissions From The Satellite Heart
L7 Human Slap-Happy
Future of the Left Fucked Up Runners Human Death
Room 204 Isospar Trans Panda
Ima Robot Song #1 Ima Robot
The Bronx Ship High In Transit The Bronx III
Nina Simone The Human Touch Nina Simone And Piano / Silk And Soul
The Saints Do The Robot Eternally Yours
Teengenerate Human Tornado Get Action !
Burning Heads Bad Time For Humankind Bad Time For Human Kind

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