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Nouveautes musicales - ete 2015

Sélection de CD entrés en playlist durant l’été 2015.

  • Mac DeMarco

    Another One Ecouter

  • Slim Twig

    Thank You for Stickin’ With Twig Ecouter

  • Totally Mild

    Down Time Ecouter

  • Kurt Vile

    b’lieve i’m goin down... Ecouter

  • Beach House

    Depression Cherry Ecouter

  • Tame Impala

    Currents Ecouter

  • London O’Connor

    O∆ Ecouter

  • Chester Watson

    Summer Mirage Ecouter

  • Ratatat

    Magnifique Ecouter

  • Guilty Simpson

    DETROIT’S SON Ecouter

  • Sleaford Mods

    Key Markets Ecouter

  • Duchess Says // Le Prince Harry

    Split LP Ecouter

  • Flesh World 

    The Wild Animals In My Life Ecouter

  • Perio

    30 minutes with Perio Ecouter

  • EZTV

    Calling Out Ecouter

  • Wun Two

    Penthouse Ecouter

  • Das Ding

    Why Is My Life So Boring ? Ecouter

  • James Pants

    Broth Ecouter

  • BEAK>

    BEAK> <KAEB Split EP Ecouter

  • Michael Stasis

    RIP III Ecouter


    854 Ecouter

  • Ultimate Painting

    Green Lanes Ecouter

  • Bizi Gara

    Everyone Ecouter

  • The Kumari

    Walking Ecouter

  • La Luz

    Weirdo Shrine Ecouter

  • Jaill 

    BRAIN CREAM Ecouter

  • The Cairo Gang

    Goes Missing Ecouter

  • Cold Beat

    Into The Air Ecouter

  • Ghostface Killah

    Adrian Younge presents 12 Reasons To Die II Ecouter

  • The Polyversal Souls

    Invisible Joy Ecouter

  • Ought

    Sun Coming Down Ecouter

  • Digital Leather

    All Faded Ecouter

  • Palehound

    Dry Food Ecouter


    ODDS & ENDS Ecouter

  • Abigail & Daisy

    Abigail & Daisy Ecouter

  • La Souterraine

    Vol​.​7 Ecouter

  • Deaf Wish

    Pain Ecouter

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